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Tourism, Travel, And Blogging

RRP $240.99

Travel often inspires the creation of narratives about journeys and destinations, more so with the increasing availability of online platforms, applications for smartphones and tablets, and various other social media technologies. This book examines travel blogs and their associated social media as a form of self-presentation that negotiates the tensions between discourses of travel and tourism. As such, it addresses how contemporary travellers use online platforms to communicate their experiences of journeys and destinations, and how the traveller/tourist dichotomy finds expression in these narratives. Addressing the need for more in-depth analysis through a study of blogs, this exploration of networked narratives of an individual's travel experience considers personal motivations, self-promotion, and self-presentation as key factors in the creation of both personal and commercial travel blogs. As this text applies concepts such as self-presentation and heteroglossia, it will be of interest to both students and scholars of tourism, new media, sociology, cultural studies, and discourse studies.

Odyssey Of A Wayward Traveler

RRP $27.50

At the start of 2005, 18 months after his wife Loretta lost her battle with cancer, Ray Uzanas sold his house in Rhode Island and began a journey of self discovery, renewal, and adventure. Ray's was a 21st century odyssey where he not only came to accept his past loss but also passionately and privately experienced the challenges and joys of traveling around the lower 48 states. For 20,000 miles, over a period of nearly six months, Uzanas crossed the country on its less traveled byways with little advance planning, using only the logistics of the situation and his interests to determine his route. Finding the elusive Venus fly trap growing in the wild, sleeping in a tree hut in the forest of Georgia, solo hiking within the barren White Sands of NM, encountering a curious and hungry bear in Sequoia, talking photography with a former Ansel Adams student in Mendocino, often crossing the path of Lewis & Clark's 1803/05 expedition, observing the predator/prey drama in Yellowstone's Lamar Valley, meeting tribal elders of the Crow Indians in Montana, participating in a Nebraska cattle auction, walking the Field of Dreams baseball diamond - and much more - are part of his unforgettable odyssey. His visits to such places as Wounded Knee, South Dakota, his (strictly investigational) stop at a Nevada brothel, and exploration of several dinosaur fossil beds provide insightful, provocative perspectives. Uzanas takes the reader on a trip to both the well-known and the off beat treasures of U.S. history and culture, and he accomplishes this with unbridled curiosity and enthusiasm. Ray's odyssey is a personal memoir and travelogue that stimulates the reader's sense of adventure and learning. It will be especially inspirational to baby boomers, retirees, and young people interested in independent travel, and it is one man's attempt to cope with the loss of a loved one.

Travel Iron

RRP $13.99

Life of a graduate student at Princeton University. When he was writing the outline of his thesis his wife walked out. He then remembered his one date with Elaine whom he had taken to his childhood home in Towaco. He had not at that time treated her with the respect she deserved. He planned to court her to be his next wife. If she would agree he planned to accept his professor's offer of a post-doc at Princeton where he knew he would work on the molecular ion he had just observed, H3+....

Student Voice

RRP $302.99

Student Voice: A Companion to Democracy and Its Discontents serves two primary purposes. First, as the title of the volume suggests, it serves as a companion text to Democracy and Its Discontents: Critical Literacy across Global Contexts (Sense Publishers, 2015). Second, the volume features critical dialogues between emerging and established scholars in the field of critical literacy education, broadly defined. It brings together a collection of essays that speak to the possibilities of taking a critical approach to language and literacy education. The contributing authors draw on their life stories and professional experiences to make a strong case for taking a critical approach to education. They demonstrate that the act of teaching always involves a grappling with the entanglement of social, cultural and political forces. In this sense, education is always a normative and ethical enterprise. The authors featured in this book will encourage readers to re-imagine critical education and its emancipatory potential in an age of neo-conservative and corporate assaults on education. This volume, written in a lucid and accessible manner, will appeal to a broad readership interested in education. It will be an informative and engaging text in graduate and undergraduate courses on language and literacy education, teacher education, education policy studies, and curriculum studies. In-service teachers, teacher-educators, and school administrators will also find it to be a valuable resource.

A Policy Travelogue

RRP $289.99

An ethnography of the development and travel of the New Zealand model of neoliberal welfare reform, this study explores the social life of policy, which is one of process, motion, and change. Different actors, including not only policy elites but also providers and recipients, engage with it in light of their own resources and knowledge. Drawing on two analytic frameworks of the contemporary anthropology of policy-translation and assemblage-Kingfisher situates policy as an artifact and architect of cultural meaning, as well as a site of power struggles. All points of engagement with policy are approached as sites of policy production that serve to transform it as well as reproduce it. As such, A Policy Travelogue provides an antidote to theorizations of policy as a-cultural, rational, and straightforwardly technical. Catherine Kingfisher is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Lethbridge. She is editor of Western Welfare in Decline: Globalization and Women's Poverty (2002) and author of Women in the American Welfare Trap (1996). Her research focuses on policy, governance, personhood, gender, and, most recently, happiness and well-being.


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